Saturday, June 12, 2010


Hey there.... I am a new blogger trying to keep up with everything!!!!   The pic on my profile is an actual dragonfly I found buzzy around out side my work.  I loved the colors on it!  greenish/blue....Anyways...It's always drama at my work so I am hoping to blog and enjoy other things it life.  I was going to the mall today with my sister-n-law (super shopper girl)"aka" sister... and I laughed so hard when she said there is a big block of chesse on the road up ahead on a car.... I was like what?  Anyways look at what we saw rolling down the road.... U never know what u r gonna see around here.... Are little town 10yrs ago is now huge!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Day

Hey there.....totally new at this. So here we go... just finished my finals did get a B...OMG first B in 5 yrs... not being conceited but I was a C-D student my whole life, until I started paying for college myself... which made me work harder for it...but freakin algebra is a bitch... so i'm "I'm
doing something".... love hanging with the family except when you have bitch ass drama sister-n-law is totally like sister... I have a daughter who is 10 yrs old and 10 inches high hee hee hee, she's a chihuahua. I love doing anything active such as: gardening(killed tomatoes), swimming, dancing, singing (I think I'm Janet and Whitney) (hee hee so far from it). I love trying new things and I think everyone should do something. I'm a nurse and I'm tired and have to study for my CPR Rec. Class. Also have to post on Craig's list I'm selling something so I'm doing something :)